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Clear Products

Clear Framework

The Clear Platform is a standards-based .Net application framework built on Microsoft best practices in enterprise Smart Client and Service architectures. The Platform allows for a modular, loosely-coupled design for applications, allowing complex collections of applications to be hosted within a single common workstation tool. The streamlined architecture allows both out-of-the-box applications and custom-built modules, to be deployed to end users in a fraction of the time of traditional multi-tier approaches.

By combining the Clear Platform with Ana-Data's RAD approach to development, organizations benefit from more than ten years of experience and expertise building high-quality modular applications in a short time period, with an efficient means to add on to your workstation as your business needs grow. The Clear Platform is built leveraging the building blocks of Prism Patterns & Practices. A C# WPF smart client front end sits in front of WCF Services utilizing a SQL Server back end for metadata storage. The framework's clear separation of UI from Services, along with separation between UI components, makes customization, testing, and delivery simple.

Clear Approach

Clear Platform is designed and developed from the ground up with modular development and RAD in mind. Modular approach allows development of different components in parallel which can be later integrated in one common shell.


Clear Platform allows rapid development of different components in parallel and provides one single common portal with sophisticated entitlements capabilities to the modules. The parallel development approach helps in reducing the time to market of the application.

Clear Analytics

A unique balance of business freedom and IT governance gives Clear Analytics a distinct advantage over other self service offerings

Clear Analytics brings you Self-service Business Intelligence at its best. Our solution will make any Excel user a power analyst - no manual needed

Clear Analytics’ mission is to empower you to remove the middleman and build a ‘direct line’, connecting novice business users to company data. Only 30% of businesses have the ability to access company data in today’s business world, but Clear Analytics aims to increase that number to 100% by introducing powerful self-service tools. In doing so, it radically increases the turnaround by leaving the ability to create and maintain reports in your hands.

Clear Analytics frees the data buried in spreadsheets, storing them centrally so that they can be leveraged by others in the organization. Studies show that 30% of an organization’s data resides in spreadsheets, forcing businesses to proliferate spreadsheets via email or filesharing to distribute the data. The owner of the data share can govern if others can edit the data or if the data is simply read-only for consumers.


  • Data Access to all
  • Business gain more direct access to the data
  • Answer your own questions with self-service BI
  • Business as usual with added analytical powers
  • Governance & Centralization
  • Powerful automation – eliminate manual preparation with dynamic refresh
  • In Excel collaboration
  • Query designer
  • Secure local spreadsheet data
  • Full centralization and version control
  • Power BI and incredible power
  • Share data and not spreadsheets
  • Query designer
  • Secure local spreadsheet data
  • Full centralization and version control
  • Power BI and incredible power
  • Consolidate data from anywhere


GRC Platform Tailored to Your Needs

ClearGRC helps you with Policy and Process Reviews, Exception Management, Compliance Management, Risk Management, Internal Control maintenance, Assessments, Notifications, Reminders, and Reports. For every known pain we built a simple feature that makes the job easier and far more professional.

ClearGRC provides a centralized process to identify, assess, respond to, and continuously monitor Enterprise and IT risks that may negatively impact business operations.



Clear Query is s self-servicing reporting application that helps business users to create and design adhoc and standard reports. Clear Query enables users to access data across source systems and standardizes reports across different operational areas.

Clear Query is designed and developed using Prism Framework with Rich graphical user interface. Using Clear Query, user can select data and design reports without understanding how and where the data is stored. Users need not know any complex programming languages in order to create queries. Users simply need to be familiar with the business model of the data. Once the data is in the grid, data can be manipulated by filtering, grouping and sorting or working with formulas.Data can be exported to multiple formats (Excel, CSV, Tab delimited, PDF etc.,.) from Clear Query.


  • Users and analysts have faster, easier, real time access to critical reports, enabling rapid, better informed business decisions
  • Cuts software development cost
  • Speeds report/application development
  • Queries, layouts, and criteria (query filters) can be created, shared, and scheduled
  • Security in the system allows for queries, layouts, and criteria to also be private (not visible to others).
  • Report generation and delivery can be automated
  • Connects to all major industry standard databases
  • Search - Customized search feature capable of searching screens/ reports down to a very granular level such as user created layouts (search levels are configurable & UI as well as database driven).

Clear DataLoader

Data Loader - Vendor Feed Framework is a generic framework which allows users to connect to FTP sites, download files and load them to production databases. The whole process of acquiring and loading vendor data is metadata/configuration driven and does not require any additional development work. Standard notification is sent to users in case of success of failure.


  • Supports different file formats - ASCII | Excel| RDBMS | XML/Others
  • File location - FTP site | Network Drive
  • File validations
  • Data Enhancement
  • Exception Handling
  • Auditing
  • Dashboard to monitor daily data feeds and view daily summary

Clear PriceMaster

Clear Price Master is a system developed on CLEAR platform to automate the daily valuation of securities of interest. It provides a centralized pricing system for the front and back office with a full audit trail, pricing policy enforcement historical reporting functionality.

Pricing Vendors supported are IDC, Bloomberg, Markit, LPC and other broker prices through manual upload. Some of the standard reports supported are Price Variance, Missing Prices, Stale Prices, Zero Prices.


  • Reduces manual process drastically
  • Enforces company wide pricing policies
  • Cross vendor comparison
  • Pricing based on rules hierarchy
  • Ease of integration within existing business processes
  • Rich interface for viewing and manipulation data

Clear Recon

Clear Recon is an automated position and cash reconciliation system between firms accounting and trading systems and between accounting system and custodians.

Clear Recon automates the extract, validation, match and reconcile the data from various different sources.


  • Automated recon system reduced the manual daily reconciliation effort by more than 50%
  • Supports best practices by allowing routine and granular reconciliation of security position
  • Verifies integrity of portfolio and securities, comparing position, cash and transaction activities from custodians
  • Allows timely identification and resolution to exception and breaks
  • Reduce noise by tagging breaks as permanent breaks if they appear day over day
  • Allows users to tag breaks with comments either as a one time exception or add to list of standard comments