Self Service Business Analytics & Spreadsheet Management Solution

Next-generation Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform that empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions through easy, intelligent access to their data.

Transform Excel into an Enterprise Strength

In today’s fast-paced business environment, Clear Analytics was developed using the traditional reporting framework and have the ability to perform rapid calculations, analyze data from multiple sources, execute quick comparisons, view trends, and make sound decisions based on data.

Ana-Data Consulting Inc (Ana-Data) has close to three decades of BI experience and has designed and developed Clear Analytics which is a dynamic Excel imbedded VSTO application.

Business Freedom: Self Service Analytics allows access to data without waiting on IT. Add custom queries, drag-and-drop, and collaborate right inside Excel.

Make Everyone a Power Analyst!

Powerful Business Intelligence Using EXCEL!

Fast & Easy No Training – No Migration!

Share & Collaborate Securely

Clear Analytics Functionality

  • Integrate directly with your current Excel environment.
  • No migration or training.
  • Create custom dashboards and queries in minutes.
  • Inject data directly from trusted sources.
  • Fine Grained Entitlements.
  • User maintains templates.
  • Private / Shared / Public Spaces.
  • Consolidate multiple disparate data.
  • Automation via Scheduler / Trigger.

Clear Analytics Features

Consolidation / Preparation

  • Eliminate ETL by fetching data directly from the source.
  • Leverage Excel to allow users to maintain their own templates.

Clear Analytics Benefits

Ease of use

Familiarity of business users

Broad Capabilities

Commonly Available

Sharing Capabilities

Version Control

Administrative Capabilities

Data Refresh Capabilities

Schedule Reports



Trace to data source

Simple Query Builder

Centralized Grouping

Drag & Drop Data

Business as usual with added analytical powers


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