Clear Platform

Designed using prisim framework
hosts multiple loosely couple business modules
powerful ui & rich graphical interface

  • Clear Platform is a sophisticated .Net application framework that adheres to industry standards and incorporates Microsoft best practices in both enterprise Smart Client and Service architectures. This platform is designed to facilitate the creation of applications with a modular and loosely coupled structure. Such a design approach enables the integration and hosting of complex collections of applications within a single, unified workstation tool.
  • Clear Platform is constructed using the foundational principles of Prism Patterns & Practices, ensuring a scalable and maintainable architecture. At its core, the platform features a C# Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) smart client as the front end. This interface interacts with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services, which manage application logic and data processing. The backend of the system utilizes SQL Server for storing metadata, ensuring reliable and efficient data management.

Clear Platform Architecture

One of the key strengths of the Clear Platform is its architectural design, which distinctly separates the User Interface (UI) from the services layer. This separation extends to the UI components themselves, promoting a modular and loosely coupled system. Such a design enhances the platform’s flexibility and scalability, making customization, testing, and deployment straightforward and efficient.

In summary, the integration of the Clear Platform with Ana-Data’s RAD approach allows organizations to quickly develop and deploy modular applications while maintaining high standards of quality and performance. The platform’s reliance on Prism Patterns & Practices, coupled with its clear division between UI and services, provides a robust framework for customization and growth, ensuring that businesses can adapt their workstation tools to meet changing needs with ease.

Clear Platform Features

  • Framework - Designed with Prism Framework (Composite Application Library) & WPF.
  • MVVM - Consistently follows the MVVM (Model View-Model) pattern across modules.
  • Application shell hosts multiple loosely coupled business modules. Modules can be loaded on demand whereby reducing the startup time & less memory consumption.
  • Rich graphical interface.
  • Powerful UI and customized search.
  • Navigation – State based navigation.
  • Security – Entitlements are based on configurable user role.
  • Centralized exception handling.
  • Clear Platform capable of hosting widgets.
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