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Information Security

Ensuring Confidentiality, Compliance, and Business Continuity

Clear Infosec creates value for organizations by identifying, evaluating, designing, remediating existing processes, controls and technology to help mitigate risks. We strongly believe that secure business processes will allow organizations to create more values and gain the trust of all stakeholders.

Thanks to the rapidly evolving technology, living without access to the information at any time, any place through countless types of devices has become unimaginable. Yet, lately we hear more about unauthorized access, cyber-attacks, hacking, violation of privacy etc. Every organization has its own set of challenges, from policies, regulations to highly evolving cyber-attacks. Regardless of the company size and domain every organization has its own set of information technology risks associated with them and demands an expertise review and advise on managing information security services.

Clear Infosec methodology supports organizations by analyzing the security posture and constantly thriving to improve it and secure their businesses in the best possible way.

Our Security Competencies

Our team consists of members with the industry certifications from various certifications authorities which includes Offensive Security, (ISC)2, EC Council, eLearn Security, SANS, ISACA, BSI Group, and many more. Our professionals are highly skilled and hold at least one or other certifications and membership listed below


Isc 2 Membership
ISACA Membership
Cyber Membership


  • C|CISO
  • CISA
  • C|EH
  • EISM
  • OSCP
  • OSCE
  • OSWP
  • eCPPT
  • eJPT
  • GRCA
  • GRCP

Vulnerability Assessments

Clear InfoSec can help you identify, classify, prioritize and eventually eliminate the exposures and weaknesses in your organization and compliment your cybersecurity operations.

Penetrations Tests

Clear InfoSec’s Penetration Tests helps in understanding the security posture by assessing the effectiveness of security defenses and preparedness to tackle an attack. Through our penetration tests services, we simulate a real time attack against your IT infrastructure to check for vulnerabilities that can exploited by threat agents.

Social Engineering

Clear InfoSec’s social engineering program is a robust and tailor made to help you understand your strengths and ability to fight back against cybercriminals using social engineering techniques. We partner with our clients, understand their business models and design a social engineering program that well suits their business environments.

CISO As a Service

Clear Infosec’s CISO program will help you manage your security needs. We have certified and experienced personnel who could do much more than a CISO could do in an organization.

Risk Advisory

Clear Infosec’s unique and customized approach along with our solution to risk management would enable you to develop a risk aware culture. Our professionals work closely with you, leveraging our experience, insight, and methodologies to help you achieve your business, financial, and risk goals.

Compliance Advisory

Whether your organization has a compliance program in place, or you are just beginning to assess your compliance needs, Clear Infosec is here to help you protect and be compliant. We asses to identify your compliance gaps and help in remediating the identified gaps for multiple regulatory requirements.

Security Awareness Training

Our mature security awareness training effectively builds a strong security culture in your organization going beyond compliance. The main objective of our interactive training is to change behavior and emphasize the essential role every employee play in strengthening the organization against security breach.

Threat Intelligence

Our Threat Intelligence services are customized specifically to the industry and customer on a pre agreed upon modulation to ensure a successful Threat Intelligence program. We help organizations by researching specific adversaries related to your specific industry and supports by using adversary methods to improve the detective and preventive mechanism.

Digital Forensics

Digital Forensic Analysis helps an organization to identify, collect, examine and analyze the data while preserving the integrity of data and maintaining strict Chain of Custody (CoC) following industry standard guidelines. Our approach for Digital Forensics and e discovery follows NIST SP 800-86 and ISO 27037 Standards.


Information Security is a Journey, not a destination.