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Businesses today understand the value of cloud services: spend less, manage efficiently, adapt faster, and scale with ease. Cloud platforms offer not only efficient technological support but also the coherent time-to-market, cost efficiency, accessibility, security and reliability to streamline business development from the comfort of your place!

Ana Data Cloud Services is a platform of the most innovative, highly experienced, and leading AWS, Azure, Google certified Solutions Architects, Data Engineers, and Cloud Developers. With a vision to provide nothing but the finest, robust, and secure cloud migration services. From the initial assessment and production cutover to ongoing management, we will be with you every step of the way.

Anadata Cloud Services
Cloud InnovateInnovation on Cloud

In today's digital world, new technological changes force businesses and industries to innovate their services and attract more customers to gain a competitive advantage. On-premises technology bounds innovation as it is hard to keep up due to extreme infrastructural budgets, scalability and planning issues.

Launch new services, and swift innovation is the core functionality of cloud platform services. For developers, the deployment of native and automated software that can scale according to your business requirements was never this easy before!

The robust innovation offered by Ana Data Cloud Services enables businesses to serve customers with easy to access resources.

The ability to leverage Big data, use of IoT, AI, and other endless high-tech possibilities are set up by a highly professional team of Ana-Data Cloud Services so you can be a business champ with scalable expert innovation.

Innovate on Cloud
Cloud Migration Cloud Migration

Ana-Data Cloud Services is always eager to implement new and secure up to the minute on cloud data migrations. Think of the agility provided by cloud platforms by finding the right mix of clouds for your workloads, assess your current applications, identify gaps in technology and skills, and make a migration plan. Cloud platforms give the business the power to move forward securely and in a cost-cutting manner.

Secure migration, protection, and developing the right strategy is the key to cloud services. By considering this, Ana Data Cloud Services brainstorm for possibilities of more agile and data-driven automated processes to map your application dependencies, workload, and staff.

Cloud Migration

Using a much less complicated cloud system and secure data migration strategies, we provide a centralized approach to the management and functionality of the cloud by keeping an eye on user engagement.

Cloud Management Cloud Management

The conventional thinking that the "Management of hybrid clouds at a global level with continuous governance, risk management, and compliance is impractical" is long gone.

Today we deliver cloud-like experience everywhere. The absolute and agile delivery of Hybrid and private clouds with the lowest risk rates and simplified operations has made cloud platforms cost-effective for small businesses as well.

Ana-Data Cloud Services is one step ahead of the curve when it comes to helping organizations in managing clouds and optimizing their processes. The swift deployment of apps with our hybrid cloud management platform and control of hyper-efficient operations has changed the way of traditional businesses.

Cloud Management
Cloud Adoption Cloud Adoption Program

Let the experts help you in moving beyond the current technology!

Ana-Data Cloud Services is focused on providing versatile solutions for cloud adoption at a minimized cost. New technology adoption at significant levels is a complicated process. Let our Cloud Platform experts assist you in taking a successful cloud initiative to progress and stay ahead of the marketing curve.

Cloud Adoption

No matter where you are in your journey to Cloud

Cloud Services

Ana-Data can help you map out your next steps. From determining what workloads should live where, to handling governance and compliance, to managing costs, our experts can help you optimize your operations.