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Decades of experience in delivering technology solutoins.

Creative and intelligent solutions

Ana-Data provides software development services to investment management firms
including asset managers, insurance companies, corporations and REITs.

Minimize your risk.

Ana-Data has extensive experience in working with risk management solutions for
banks, asset managers, prime brokers, hedge funds dealing with market, credit and liquidly risk.

We love big data

Big data is becoming a must have source of competitive advantage for businesses. Let us help you define and deliver your big data strategy.

End to end operatoins.

We have developed software systems that service the middle and back office including functionality in confirmations,settlement, documentation, accounting etc.’

Investment Management Solutions

Portfolio Management

Extensive experience working with multi asset class and multi currency portfolio management systems like Portia, PAM, supporting front to back office environments with real time position,  risk and performance reports.

Trade & Order Management

Experience working with trading systems like Bloomberg, Charles River which focus on some or all fixed income securities including corporate, government, mortgage backed and asset backed securities of all currencies and trading and execution of Equity securities.

Performance Analytics

Experience, design and development of performance measurement and attribution platform which gives the investment manager tools to frequently analyze the sources of returns providing timely feedback on the investment process’.

Client Portfolio Data

‘Design and development of CRM system allowing users to setup clients, portfolios, broker and custodians. Setup portfolio to client hierarchy and setup relationships between clients to brokers and
client to custodians and option to enter settlement instructions.’

Benchmark Data

Design, development and experience working with various benchmark/index data from
Bloomberg, JPM, Barclays, Citi and Bank of America to capture data at the overall index level and as well as a
the constituent security level.

Big Data Analytics

Let Your Data Work For You

Whether data is local, in the cloud or both, you are quickly inundated with massive amounts of information. Social media, intranet collaboration systems and other data sources pose big challenges. But the volume, velocity, variety and complexity of Big data can also be a huge corporate asset that you must exploit in order to thrive.

Don't get buried. We have the experience, skills and tools you require to turn your business problems into business insights.

Big Data Strategic Overview

Central to Ana-data's strategy around discovering and driving business value in big data is our innovative suite of solutions. Each leverages big data technologies to deliver enhanced insight and analytics to various industries.

Some use cases of big data across industry sectors:

Financial and Insurance Services: Early-warning fraud detection systems.

Life Sciences: Physician interaction optimization, proactive manufacturing surveillance, next-generation genetic sequencing and real world evidence, translational sciences and imaging.,             

Healthcare: Cross-channel analytics, campaign optimization and fraud detection

Media and Entertainment: Discover churn patterns, digital asset management (DAM).

Big Data Industry Solutions: 
Ana-Data's  focus on innovation and business processes is underscored by a host of industry solutions developed by our domain experts. Our integrated social media analytics solutoins empowers businesses to meet their social media needs and provides real-time insight into social media effectiveness.

Our framework for Longitudinal Analysis, cross-references data variables over periods of time. It helps you unearth meaningful patterns from chaos, analyzing customer spending behavior, for example. It also identifies customer segment responsiveness to particular campaigns.

Big Data Services

Our Enterprise Information Management practice has built a robust set of big data service offerings to cater to customer needs.

Big data strategy and roadmap definition
Technology evaluation and piloting
Data visualization and analytics
Idea to implementation
Big data lab on demand
Solution accelerators

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Risk Management

Market Risk

Ana-Data's Market Risk solutions help you achieve insight and transparency into your market risk exposures, from clearing and settlement costs and uncertainities.

Credit Risk

Ana-Data's solutions provide lenders with credit risk solutions and risk analytics with the simple portfolio measures. It also accomodates a path to more sophisticated credit risk management.

Risk Analytics & Reporting

Our customized service is provided by seasoned risk professionals, whose skill comes from providing more than $100 billion * across portfolios Take advantate of our solution and get the insight you need to make better decisions..

FAS/SEC Reporting

We help companies meet their financial reporting requirements efficiently by streamlining the end-to-end process; from managing content to translation, design, typesetting, print, personalisation and mailing.

Middle and Back Office

With almost three decades of financial domain experience, Ana-Data has delivered numerous customized solutions to our clients to ensure excellence in operations. Our soutoins automate the complex manual processes, introduce processes that improve timelines and quality of data, and provide tools that empower better rapid decision making. Some applications we have built using Clear Platform are :

Price Master

Get your price right

Advanced system developed to automate the daily valuation securities and corporate rules.

Pricing Exception

Get your price right

We help solutions to handle pricing exceptiongs and reporting for trade approvals, OTC settlements among others.

Security Master

Get your price right

Security Master solution combines several pre-built components, including Normalization, IdLinkHub, Data Warehouse, and Data Distribution for all of the major vendor sources. Many clients take it a step further and work with our Engineering team to customize their solutions.

Borrow Master

Get your price right

Our custom solution help you keep an updated master file of all your borrow transactions and further optimize your portfolio.