Delivering on the Promise of Big Data

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Big Business Impact from Big Data Analytics

Hadoop Data Migration &
Reporting Consolidation

Reduced IT costs my eliminating licensing fees 
and creating a common reporting platform.

Advanced Fraud Protection
Using Predictive Analytics

Advanced machine learning algorithms 
used to detect and prevent fraud.

Automatic Reconciliation

Reduced daily reconciliation effort by 
over 50%.

Big Data Services


Advisory services to help you define your Big Data
strategy, blueprint and roadmap.

Data  Science

Build advanced predictive analytical models and
smart algorithms.


Agile implementation of advanced Big Data analytic

Data Warehouse Modernization

Optimize and migrate data and applications from the
enterprise data warehouse to the Big Data warehouse. 

Our Products

Clear Analytics                         

Clear Analytics brings you Self-service Business Intelligence at its best. Our solution will make any Excel user a power analyst - no manual needed! Amplify the analysis tool you already know. Clear Analytics brings to you a suite of products that helps enterprise to make their risk and compliance process a breeze.

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